Three Drugstore Concealers

Concealer has long been my holy grail make-up bag staple. It's ability to cover the most horrendous 'I've been out the night before, had very little sleep drank quite a lot' dark circles with a swoosh of a brush really is quite marvellous. But with my purse not quite willing to stretch to my favourite designer make up brands offerings, I have long been on the search for a few drug store alternatives. After a rifle through my stash, I have managed to narrow it down to three firm favourites.

Benefit They're Real! Liner & Giveaway

Ok, so I feel like I am way to late too the party with this one. I've actually had my hands on the Benefit They're Real! Liner before it even hit the shelves. But the eye liner phobe part of me kept pushing off using it in fear of ending up resembling my teenage self with a big black wobble over half of my eye lid. I don't care what anyone says, it was a great look. But I took myself over to the Benebabes at my local counter and they gave me the 411 on the liner and how I could perfect my feline flick.