Benefit Cosmetics's Gabbi's Head Pub Blogger Foosball Tournament

Benefit invited me to a beauty blogger vs fashion blogger foosball tournament with Echo Falls at the gorgeous Gabbi's Head pub. Obviously I jumped at the opportunity to go to a pink pub and meet lots of other blogging lovelies.

The Holiday Series | When The Sun Goes Down

As we're already established through 'The Holiday Series' i'm just not one of those 'i'm going to lie in the shade all day' kinda gals. I loveeee a tan and the sunshine but it did mean after a long day of either exploring, lying in the sun or riding a camel I needed to make sure I was putting all that moisturising goodness back into my skin.

The Holiday Series | The Light Packer's Make Up Essential

I am on absolutely no level a light packer. This is coming from the girl who went over 3kg on my return home despite the boy carrying my 2kg beauty bag. Yes you heard correctly, I took 2kg worth of beauty products on a weeks holiday. What can I say, I am clearly more high maintenance than I thought. But while I was packing for my holiday I came across this little gem which wormed its way into my already bulging suitcase.

Top Knots, Short Shorts and Four Legged Friends On The Beach

The weather was absolutely beautiful (for British weather) this weekend so myself, mummy, daddy and fur babies all headed to the coast for the day. We headed for Talybont on the Welsh coast. Starting the day with a walk along the Ysgethin river and then onto the beach. We ate pizza on the rocks and walked for up the lovely sandy beach. 

The Holiday Series | The Budget Base

My name is Lily and I am a sun addict. There I said it, alright… I know I shouldn't love the sun or sunbathe as much as I do but I just love having a healthy looking tan and well I just love love love the sunshine. I mean who doesn't? But one thing I'm learning and being more conscious of is the importance of looking after your skin (hello £50 trips to the Lancome counter) so taking a facial SPF on holiday is an absolute must.

Collection Mardi Gras Range

Hands up who doesn't like the world cup? Just as well Collection has got us World Cup haters cover with their lovely new Mardi Gras collection, inspired by Rio, making the hype around the World Cup a little bit more bare able. Ok ok maybe i'm being a bit over dramatic but while I loose the boy to the football at least I can keep myself occupied by painting my nails in colours inspired by the spirit of Rio.

The Holiday Series | Spend or Save Bronzers

I'm a bit of a newb when it comes to bronzer. I think i've always strayed away for the fear of ending up looking like a wotsit. But going on holiday and developing a nice glowy tan means you kinda have to invest in a bronzer.

The Holiday Series | A Day In Luxor

So for any of you lovelies who follow me on Twitter or Instagram will have known I have been on holiday in Egypt for the last week. I had the most amazing time, so nice to relax in the 40 degree sunshine and be a lazy bum for a week.